Inner Art Courses Overview

We're absolutely passionate about guiding you through a genuine, rich & fundamental path of art study. Each Inner Art Course is carefully designed to cultivate your art foundations ready to take the next steps on your art journey to become a more informed, skillful & confident artist. 

 -We believe in building strong art foundations & cultivating your inner voice.

-We teach fundamental art knowledge & techniques.

-We share ways of seeing & mindsets to help you create your own individual artwork.

Beginners are very welcome. We love working with keen & open minded individuals.

Inner Art Tutors are DBS checked, fully insured & have many, many combined years of art teaching experience. 

Each Inner Art Course is 10 hours long (2hrs per week, over 5 weeks)
At Inner Art Studio, Reigate

16yrs +

Spaces limited to 8.


Abstraction & 3D form

Use exploration, process & discovery for creating in 3D
Skills: observational drawing, sculpting with paper, card, wire, clay & modroc 
Concepts: positive & negative space, abstraction, translating 2D shape into 3D form
Outcomes: drawings, maquettes & 3D piece 

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Drawing Essentials

Delve into representing the world around us though drawing 
Skills: observational drawing in pencil, charcoal, chalk & ink 
Concepts: line & tone, measuring, tonal maps, mark making
Outcomes: a collection of drawings 

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Illustration & Story Telling

Connect with meaning & share your own narrative through illustration 
Skills: observational drawing, collage, pen & ink & washes
Concepts: compostion & sequence, simplification & selection, symbolism & narrative 
Outcomes: working drawings, materials experiments, 2D artwork / story book

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Landscape & Location

Embrace depth & perspective via the great outdoors 
Skills: observational drawing,  pencil, ink & paint, working on location & photos 
Concepts: aerial, linear & colour perspective, depth & atmosphere 
Outcomes: sketchbook drawings 

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Painting with Acrylics

Learn paint techniques & painting processes  
Skills: colour mixing, palette organization, layering & blending, paint effects
Concepts: painting in 4 stages, using paint effects to describe texture & atmosphere
Outcomes: a collection of paint experiments, stilll life & landscape paintings  

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Portrait & Figure

Discover the power of proportion, anatomy & observational drawing 
Skills: observational drawing in pencil, graphite, charcoal, chalk & ink 
Concepts: measuring techniques, line & proportion, anatomy & form.
Outcomes: a collection of portraiture & figure drawings 

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Shape & Pattern

Indulge in natural forms & beautiful aesthetics
Skills: observational drawing , collage, mono printing, lino printing
Concepts: shape & space, pattern, visual elements, aesthetics
Outcomes: a collection of drawings, collaged & printed artwork 

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Understanding Colour

Explore colour theory alongside expression & mood 
Skills: observational drawing, painting, oil pastel
Concepts: Applying colour theory to observation, mood & emotion 
Outcomes: a collection of colour experiments & 2D artwork 

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