Inner Art Courses for Adults

Creative fun and art learning in our adult Art classes at Inner Art Studio in Reigate.

Within each session and each new course, Inner Art Tutors offer an range of tasks and different learning outcomes. So whether you're a newcomer or a returning student, all are individually supported and have opportunity to make progress in line with your own personal Art journey.

Here's an overview of each Inner Art Course...

Or if you're looking for a general Art class for adults try our Inner Art Group.

Once Upon a Time

Connect with meaning & share your own narrative through print techniques 
Skills: drawing, collage, etching, collograph, mono printing, screen printing, stencils 
Concepts: compostion & sequence, simplification & selection, symbolism & narrative 
Outcomes: working drawings, materials experiments, 2D artwork / story book

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Clay Time

Ceramics processes for clay time
Skills: drawing, sculpting with clay, construction techniques, use of tools, glazing
Concepts: positive & negative space, abstraction, translating 2D shape into 3D form
Outcomes: drawings, maquettes & 3D kiln fired outcomes 

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I Wish I Could Draw

Enjoy learning drawing techniques & new ways to see
Skills: observational drawing in pencil, charcoal, chalk & ink 
Concepts: line & tone, measuring, tonal maps, mark making
Outcomes: a collection of drawings 

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Making Portraits

Recording proportion, expression & likenesss
Skills: observational drawing in pencil, graphite, charcoal, chalk & ink 
Concepts: measuring techniques, line & proportion, tone & form.
Outcomes: a collection of portrait drawings 

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