Inner Art Course

Creative Clay 

Use exploration, process  & discovery for creating in 3D

Skills: sculpting with clay, 3D construction techniques, use of tools
Concepts: positive & negative space, abstraction, translating 2D shape into 3D form
Outcomes: drawings, maquettes & 3D outcomes  

'Creative Clay' brings together a range of different clay hand building methods including pinching, coiling, slab building and making with press moulds. Embrace the world of three dimensions and explore form and surface decoration. We get hands-on with clay to take your experimental drawings into new and exciting forms in air drying clay.

10 hours long (2hrs per week, over 5 weeks) at Inner Art Studio, Reigate

Materials provided: drawing materials, clay, clay tools
You will need: old newspapers/cardboard if you have any spare
Please be aware: dry clay creates dust, wear old clothes 


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