Inner Art Tuition for Art GCSE & A Level

Fun & fulfilling Art Tuition for children studying Art GCSE & A Level

at our fully equipped & inspiring Inner Art Studio in Reigate

Art GCSE & A Level are an exciting and developmentally important times for developing artists. With opportunities to develop and express creativity comes responsibility of projects, deadlines and exams! We're here to make these challenges achievable for students, and help make the process easier and accessible for parents / carers. We tailor Art learning for the individual, not only to gain qualifications, but to ensure inspiration and enjoyment for life long enjoyment of Art learning.

We're lucky to have an Art GCSE moderator on our team, two Art Tutors each with over 15yrs teaching Art GCSE and A Level in schools, and we have specific training in delivering and meeting Art GCSE specifications.

At our fully equipped Inner Art Studio, our well resourced learning environment and supportive, experienced Inner Art Tutor team provide:

- guidance for fulfilling Art GCSE & A Level eequirements & Assessment Objectives (AOs)

- suggestions for gallery/museum visits, work placements

- plans for independent study 

- ongoing feedback & assessment 

- monitoring progress & work completion 

- support for selection, organisation, annotation & presentation of work for submission

Inner Art Tuition helps Art GCSE & A Level students to :

- learn & apply new Art techniques

- experiment with a wide variety of Art materials

- work on different scales & in different formats 

- plan, organise and develop sketchbooks & portfolios

- regularly review & refine their Artwork 

- apply understanding about artists & Art in a wider context to their own work

- explore their own ideas, feel motivated & fulfilled

- produce Artwork they are proud to submit

Extra learners 

With our 'Two-to-one', or 'Three-to-one' options for sharing Art lessons with siblings or friends.

Additional Needs

We support students with additional needs - let us know how we can help. 

Art GCSE via Homeschooling

Our experienced and qualified Art tutors provide structure and expertise for Homeschoolers to create and submit their Art GCSE Portfolio and prepare for their Art GCSE Exam. 

 Our examination centre is where Inner Art candidates are entitled to discounted exmaination fees.

Online Tuition

 Enjoy one-to-one online Art learning and access the expertise and support of our Inner Art Tutors from home.

Inner Art Tutors are DBS checked, fully insured & have many, many combined years of art teaching experience. 

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