Inner Art Vision

Inner Art goes beyond a plan, design, a strategy; it's energy, belief, serendipity, and a future. 

"Everything you can imagine is real"

Pablo Picasso 

"Inner Art first began with a never-ending fascination with Art and love of drawing, a growing understanding of the world, and a desire to connect with others. I can't thank you enough for being part of this amazing ongoing creative journey. It's so good to know we're part of something bigger than ourselves, and Inner Art reminds me of this every day. Let's continue to share the art of creativity and benefit from Art time together. One little step at a time we can bring breaths of fresh air into our thoughts, interactions and experiences. Our 8 vision stars encapsulate where we're coming from, and where we want to go together."

Inner Art Founder, Katie Beth

Transcend the Ordinary

To help others access the state of non-thought & flow which allows us to transcend the here & now, as well as being fully present.

Equip & Open

To open worlds by teaching visual awareness & aesthetic understanding, and empower via the tools of visualization, creation & belief. 

Environment & Studio

To provide a welcoming & bright studio environment with a feeling of calm & peaceful spaciousness, with an appreciation for our natural environment.

Celebrate Children 

To celebrate, nurture & support our children, valuing their precious gifts by retaining their unique sense of self, and creating space in which they can flourish.

Excellence & Value

To provide a high-quality service where open & easy systems help us demonstrate to others our recognition of their value & deservingness of authenticity.

Beautiful Connections 

To make beneficial connections with a team of individuals, relishing the joys of travelling unique journeys alongside each other, and finding strength in united vision.

Giving Back

To give back to society out of appreciation for those who contributed to our own development, by reaching out with charitable intent & a view to help make provision for the well being of others.

Global Groups

To utilize the power of online networks & worldwide travel to share and learn from the beauty of cultural variety & ethnic difference via artistic practice.