Celebrating Inner Art in Reigate

It's been a real joy and absolute privilege to work with so many wonderful students at our art classes in Reigate throughout the years and see their individual journeys taking shape. The photo above is of Susan in her art studio. She started with Inner Art as a total novice and over two years flourished into an independent artist, converting her garage into her art studio, and was selected for The Little Painting Challenge too! There's been many special successes, including double Art scholarships, Brit School places, A level & GCSE results, art competitions, art portfolios and many more. But ultimately students' belief in themselves is our priority, and we know sometimes just gaining the confidence to share artwork with a friend can be an achievement in itself. 

Each art lesson we teach, we learn as much if not more than the students  - thank you all current and past students for being part of our developmental journey and keeping us forever learning! Thank you to the community groups we've had the pleasure to work with. And of course a special thank you to all the dedicated parents who support and encourage their children's appreciation of the creative arts on a daily basis.

I've learnt so much from you like different brush techniques, how to use clay and how to do printing and much more. All this has made me a better artist. Thank you so much!

Young Student

M. came out today and she genuinely was the happiest I’ve seen her in quite a while. Jo-Anne seems to already have given her confidence in her ability.

K. (mum)

Ella absolutely loved working with Jane and I think she will miss her very much. The effect she had on Ella was amazing - Jane is as you know such a lovely person as well as a very talented artist so I am so grateful to her for inspiring Ella with her Art and getting the grade she wanted at GCSE too.


Afua says she really enjoyed her session with Hannah. Her words exactly were: energetic, encouraging and supportive. She said Hannah has helped her realise how much she could expand the range of materials she uses. She has learned not to focus on the fine details to start but rather work her way towards the details. She used charcoal today for the first time (on paper). She was also amazed by how much ground was covered in just an hour. She’s looking forward to her next lesson.

Afua (mum)

To Ms Hooper, thank you so much!!! For all the advice you have given me over the past 2 years. You have always motivated me and inspired, even when I don't like my work (which is often!)


Excellent! Thoughful advice, support and encouragement. Would recommend.

Mrs B.

Katie has helped me achieve my art scholarship and helped inspire me for the portfolio which helped enormously, She also helped me see the small things in life and encourage me to persevere in painting when I wanted to stop. Thanks


We absolutely loved it. I can't tell you the confidence it gave my daughter - she was walking on air yesterday afternoon. I was so proud of her picture too.

C. (mum)

I joined Calvin’s life drawing class last night and enjoyed it so much I came home and immediately booked his January class!




Avani was very delighted with her artwork too and I must say Hannah is a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much!


We’re delighted to let you know that our children won the art scholarships they applied for. Both were thrilled to bits that all their hard work paid off. We are immensely grateful for the part that you played Hannah in encouraging them creatively. We will forever be thankful for the great times they spent in the studio with you.


You guys are the best and changed my life.

N. Fieldhouse

"This is the only group/club/session we've tried that isn't specified as SEN, and they were so great with him. And he had such a lovely time. He went with his sister who has no learning needs and it's the only club they've been able to do together which was so lovely for them too."


More lovely feedback today on I Wish I could Draw from Ruth "I can do things I never thought I could! Jane is superb :o)"
She gave me a gorgeous orchid on Tuesday and said I was one of those 'life changing people'".


Isabelle had a fantastic time - she has spent the afternoon working on more designs. We will definitely keep an eye out at inner art and she is desperate to do another one to one again - Sarah really inspired her and obviously pitched it just right. Thanks once again.


Thank you so much for the session at Inner Art. Amie was wonderful. Attentive, patient, knowledgeable and engaging. We all learned so much and all had a fantastic time. It was bliss actually, and the time flew! E. and P. got so much out of the session and their confidence has increased while doing something they both enjoy. I would love to return again with the girls.


First thing N. said when we left the studio was, "that was a lot of fun!", so please pass on our thanks to Jo.


Alison is not only very talented but very supportive and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed the art class and I'll be back - beware Alison!

Christine P

Thank you Amy for the Animal Print workshop today. James really enjoyed it and learnt some cool techniques :)


So lovely to meet you yesterday and enjoy your exciting new space. I absolutely loved the class and loved meeting Jo-Anne. As I said yesterday I think she was the perfect choice, so thank you.


Bethany had a really good time on Sunday, it was a great party!


They really loved their art lesson and were so proud of their paintings they both took them to school on Monday to show their class.

Parent of brothers

The kids all had a great time so thanks very much to you & Jo-Anne. S. was very proud of her painting & the layers she had used to paint it.


My friend and I love your inner art classes :)


We absolutely loved it. I can't tell you the confidence it gave my daughter....she was walking on air yesterday afternoon. I was so proud of her picture too.

C. (mum)

Thank you so much for the course today and my apologies for needing to leave. It was a great and informative session particularly the colour wash that I have never understood properly until today.


Just a note to thank you for organising the Easter basket classes this week. Anna clearly had a wonderful time, and asked me this afternoon if she can go to Inner Art every day!


The 'Portaits in Colour Pencil' course has been amazing! I have learnt so much and been genuinely surprised at the outcomes. I would definitely sign up again. Thank you, Alison, for your endless warmth, patience and inspiration.


I loved my session with Jane thank you and the end result! I found it calming, peaceful and relaxing.


Jane is doing an amazing job. She has responded to everything we have thrown at her, and been a huge help to Alex for GCSE Art, please pass on our thanks as it has not been overly straightforward.

Alex's Mum

You are one of the most "super" humans that I know. Not only are you an amazing artist, you are an amazing mother and teacher too!
You are also so demure, a quality that I admire. Thank you for being a wonderful colleague.


Thank you Inner Art, especially my teacher Hannah, for making my time with you so enjoyable. I have learnt that I can do art. Hannah's patience, support and brilliant teaching have meant that I have achieved an amazing piece of artwork. Look forward to seeing you again in the New year.


M. had the best time at her art lesson - I’ve never seen her so confident and it’s something that she really struggles with.


Thank you for the clay modelling class yesterday - Phoebe really enjoyed it.


I confidently recommend Inner Art - the work you guys do is amazing

Ellie, Surrey Art School owner

The place where children who like art can spread their wings. Very grateful especially to my daughter's tutor Amie for teaching lots of artistic techniques, giving lots of inspirations and having excellent pedagogical approach.


Joe was thrilled to be awarded artist of the week at school during art assessment week! Hannah is such a support and inspiration for his art development.

M. (mum)

T. loves her classes. Amie is really good. We are very pleased with her.


I wanted to let you know that C. really enjoyed the journaling workshop yesterday - thank you for arranging!

Parent of teen!

Thank you so much for your time on the weekend. I thought your session was an enormous success and was really surprised by how calm, quiet and engaged the art group were when working with you. I look forward to potentially working with you again.


In Sofia's words when asked how the session went...

"It was amazing and I want to go back again!"


I just wanted to say thank you for the party last weekend. It went really well and Amy was great with them. All the children seemed to really enjoy it and we had 11 amazing ferret pictures, many of which I have heard from parents are up in pride of place! Thank you very much and I'd happily recommend to others.


Just have to say the lesson with Jane surpassed what I thought it would be. I would love to book another 2 hour session when Jane is available. I can't stop smiling!




I have loved improving my art skills with Katie Beth and Hannah from Inner Art tuition. I was returning to art after a long time away and Inner Art 1-2-1 sessions and life drawing really helped. Both Katie Beth and Hanna are exceptional teachers - patient, insightful and really make you find new ways to express yourself and release your potential. Very much recommend this fab team.

Louise McLoughlin

I have been really enjoying my art lessons (drawing essentials) and the tutor is lovely, welcoming and encouraging to all levels.

N. Turrell

I saw Max’s painting of my mum and dad’s retriever on your Instagram earlier - I’m sure he had lots of help but thanks to you and your helpers so much for helping him to achieve this, I would never in a million years have known where to start. He was so pleased when I sent a screenshot to my parents and they called to tell him how proud they are of him.


"Mum, I wish I could do this everyday..."


Lucy had fun at her monster workshop yesterday, thank you to Sarah !


Sarah has been fantastic - so impressed with her natural teaching ability combined with warmth, image charisma and an undeniable passion for art!


Just to say, there’s not enough people around that look to encourage kids and I saw with huge admiration that you encouraged the little girl to be brave. You’re a top lady!


My daughter is loving her art lessons with Amie and I can really see, not only her progress, but also how much enjoyment it brings


M is really much more confident creating the pages following the work you did with her over the Summer and she even said her sketchbook has definitely improved using all your input - we’re so grateful for all your detailed planning, advice and creative teaching. M. got a 9 for her Summer assignments.

Mrs C.

Amie has done an amazing job and J. has enjoyed her time immensely, putting together her sketch book for her Art Scholarship application. Thank you for all your help and support.


I just wanted to compliment Jo for her kindness as I was running behind picking up this afternoon. She was compassionate and supportive and I was very appreciative. S. has thoroughly enjoyed her art lessons and begun to open up with the others in class (this is a great reflection of yours and Jo’s leadership of including others!). Many thanks for providing healthy culture in your art school and for showing grace when parents run late!

E. (mum)

M. enjoyed the session and talked about it on the way home - I could see that Jo-Anne's encouragement made him feel confident.

Mrs M.

Amy has been absolutely amazing with M. this term - art is the highlight of his week, I know he struggles with concentration but he has been really loving this term. Thanks so much for creating a space for him to do this.


Well done Grace and thank you Amie and Inner Art for all your professional guidance - Grace loves her time at the studio and I'm blown away by her work.

Student's Mum

G. and I enjoyed our session with Jo-Anne and received some useful information and interesting ideas on how to take things forward.


The learning new skills was great, but the most important thing was that it was friendly and encouraging.


Amie - Thank you for all your help with Ella's art portfolio.


Joe is absolutely loving his lessons with Hannah. He’s been producing some amazing work, she is a wonderful tutor for him to work with!


Portfolio prep

Lucy W

Great life drawing workshop tonight. Really enjoyed it :)


E. and her friends had a great time! They were all very proud of their finished paintings.

C. (mum)

Hi, meant to say yesterday but Florence had the best morning yesterday with you. Thank you - it's her week highlight and as for that painting - wow! Have a good week xxx

Florence's Mum

Thank you so much for arranging my session with Amie and at short notice too. I had the most wonderful creative and relaxed time, much much needed!


Colour pencil


A. loved the session this morning; she found Sarah inspiring and very motivating.


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